Portable Pocket Hole Jig

Variable center distances for variable material thicknesses in one easy-to-use jig!

Fixed toggle clamp with adjustable clamp position so no more fumbling with extra bolts and displacements!

Hardened steel drill guides support the drill bit and feature an everlasting drill precision!


Drill Guide Blocks on Multi-Pocket Base
Portable L-Base for Difficult Pockets
3/8" Step Drill Bit
3/8" Drill Bit with Depth Collar
5/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" self-tapping, screws (25pcs)
2.5mm hex wrench
3mm hex wrench



Pen Blank Central Drilling Vise


This vise lets you use a single set-up for drilling pen blanks.

Not only for multiples of the same kit but for squares, rounds and kits of different sizes.

Whether you are opening or closing the vise, the jaws move the same distance from center in either action.

Once centered on the drill press, all sizes of squares and rounds will be centered for drilling.

It can be able to drill pen blanks quickly and have the hole consistently on center with Toggle Clamp


Acumen Drawer Pull Jig

Marking template makes
marking screw holes simple,
quick and accurate.

Offers spacings for borings of
2-1/2", 3, 3-1/2", 3-3/4", 4 and 96mm.


  • 23" aluminum rod bar.
  • Stop washer for repetitive drawer pull alignment.
  • Gap can be varied according to size of wood.
Shelf Pin Template Jig


  • Quick, easy and accurate shelf pin drilling.
  • Ideal for adding shelves to new or existing cabinets.
  • HSS Brad Point drill bit for clean cutting and long life.
  • Clear template features laser cut accuracy.
  • Designed for both face frame and frameless construction.
  • Template system designed to work with 2 bit sizes : 1/4" and 5mm for shelf pins,

Quickly and easily adjust handle to
either standard drilling setback :
1-7/16" or 2-1/2"

  Mortising Chisel Sharping Set

Sharpens mortising chisels up to 1/2'' size.

Includes a diamond plate to remove the burr after sharpening.

Keep hollow mortising chisel edges sharp for fast and efficient cutting! conical reamer puts the final edge on inside bevels.




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